Customer Service and adding Value to your product


wordpress pluginsHow often have you heard that you must give value when creating a product?. Your customer expects it and sometimes its hard to find a suitable bonus especially if you are just starting out.

So how do we offer value.?

Adding bonuses is nearly an expectation from our customers and not having them will surely tempt them to buy from affiliates who are also selling our products. So its vital that we can offer the best bonuses that we can.

If you are a newbie and feel that you do not have the expertise or time to write another eBook there are a few options for you.

Not many people believe that by offering a service to a customer would be a great bonus. You would be wrong. If customers have the confidence to buy a product from you they treat you as the expert in this field you have the authority in this niche.

What Do I mean by services:

You could offer your new customer a bi weekly Skype call to help them to take action and also to get them out of the sand box if they are experiencing problems. You may think this is going to take up an awful lot of my time but the reality is that only about 10% of the people who will buy from your link will actually take you up on this type of bonus. Its just the thought that they can arrange a conversation with you to ease their burden and to help them through , that is the tipping point.

Another great way of offering a great value bonus is to hold a monthly webinar with all new customers . This is less time consuming as you can get all your readers in the one place at the same time. If your thinking I don’t have the confidence to do this think again as you can pre arrange your readers to email you with their questions so you can have a general theme to the webinar. This also secures in peoples minds that if they think that you can answer a question that has been on their mind during a webinar surely they will attend. Webinars are also great ways to promote other products and you can explain in greater detail about what you are up to , how you are doing thing and what products you recommend using affiliate links. Don’t think you have to be on screen either, the majority of webinars I attend are where the host is talking and on screen you can see a PowerPoint presentation which is why having a list of possible questions from your audience beforehand is important so you can organize the slides accordingly.

If you are good at creating graphics or logos offer your expertize up to create your customers logo or header. A simple an easy item to create if you feel comfortable with using graphics.

Sales letters are always a little difficult when starting out. As a bonus perhaps say that you will proof read their sales letter and also make suggests to improve the conversion rate. If you are really hot in this area you could have it as a one bonus only site  and offer to create their sales page copy.


Lastly if you have been blogging for a while or if you have quite a lot of your own content in your blog you can always create an eBook from your blog posts and this can be done quite easily and within minutes if you are using word-press. There is a plug-in called Antholigize and can be found at the following link

This small but powerful plug-in will create a PDF or what ever format it is that you are looking for. Once you have decided on what posts you would like to use you can start creating parts or chapters to your book.You can then drag and drop which parts you would into your new book. It really is that easy.ScreenHunter_14 Feb. 19 18.32

Any images that are in the posts will automatically be reproduced into the eBook you are creating. Once your finished editing , Authologize will create a table of contents for you and that is your eBook complete. You can covert it a PDF of ePub for kindle. This is a great way of using what you have already posted about and recycling it. If anyone is an avid reader of your blog they will want a copy and it is also a great offer for a squeeze page.


I do hope that you found this post helpful and I would appreciate if you could share this and make a comment.

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How to Write an ebook a month

So I decided to write a non fiction book within a month and was successful in doing so. The non fiction self help book is on that I am passionate about, motivation. The book is on Kindle its called “Motivation Awaken your motivation and live the life you truly deserve”.

Here is a link to the book if you would like to buy or have a look inside

I found it difficult at at times to stay focused and having a full time job and family with small kids it was a bit of a juggling act and I have learned many things along the way.

I now plan to write a book a month of about 20,000 words all on self help.MOTIVATION

Some tips:

Have a look at the niches in the self help section of kindle and see if any meet your tastes, then look at the # selling number, if its around the 5000 mark that particular book is selling about 75 copies a day and would be a great genre to get into.

I also joined several Facebook groups who like me are trying to make a living selling eBooks online through Kindle.

There are plenty of ways to get you book ranks higher within Amazon, there are some great fiverr gigs, here is one and it comes highly recommended and improved my ranking by thousands within a week

Kindle select program is a great way of giving your book away free to gain what Amazons sees as sales.

There are also several groups on Facebook where you can exchange reviews for each others books, just make sure you are honest and upfront and if you don’t like what you read, don’t review is my tip and tell the author what they need to do to improve.

I am writing a new eBook about speed reading for students and will be a 2 part book the second will be speed writing.

Its an exciting time for writing kindle books and its a great time to be an eBook author, please leave any questions and I will do my best to help you ,

Many thanks


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Buying a Dropped Domain With Go daddy Auctions

Its been a while guys.

I have been creating a great product called Simple Product solution’s which I will be giving away free to anyone that subscribes to my newsletter.So its great to be back in the driving seat and I have been kept busy for the last 2 month mostly learning and writing.

If I am honest a little procrastination was involved when it came to writing on my blog so for that I apologize.

What I want to talk about today is buying a domain name in go daddy auctions and how best to succeed in doing so.

Exact match domains still work to a certain extent as Google always wants to place the searcher with relevant  content but they have made it a little less important than before so I have been buying up domain in the last couple of months with the view to selling them on as a profit. That may well come in the form of flipping a website with a high value domain or selling the domain on its own.

So if you look below at the figures this is what you need in a good value domain name.

Page Rank –   3 plus
Domain age    -2years plus
Domain authority    20 plus
Page Authority       20 plus
External  Back links    over 130 plus
Referring Domain    over 30 plus

So lets start with Page rank , you need to find a domain with a PR of 3 or over and you can do this by opening a free account with So lets head over and login to expirednames.


Expired domain

Next we want to go to the very right of the webpage and click on “other domains” and finally  go daddy expired names. We will now click on the “show filter” button so we can narrow down our search.


dropped domains









So we have a new area where we need to input our criteria so we can get a high valued domain. There are 3 filters show the first is the the common filter which we are in the next is the additional filter and finally the ad-words and SEO filter. So on the common filter only show domain that are only new in the last 24 hours. Also on the common filter please check NO FAKE DOMAINS,NO UNSURE PAGE RANKS ,NO PAGE RANK -1 and this will start weeding out domains that are worthless. The page rank should also be set at 3 and above and finally click on show 200 domains per page.

OK so off to the additional filter where we click .com,org and .net as these are the only ones we require that rank well. I also set a maximum of $100 for the domain.

On the ad-words and SEO filter choose 20 for both Domain authority and Page authority.

OK so click on apply filter and watch all those worthless domains disappear and we now have domains that are really worth there weight in gold but we have a little more work to do.

So I am left in this example with 37 domains in the photo below.


Dropped domain



















Now we have to copy and paste which I know is a bit tedious but when your doing this a while the whole exercise takes about 30 minutes. Copy and paste the 1st domain in and the year it was created so any that are not over 2 years you can leave out. So in this example we will only be adding in 29 domains as the others are to new. Next add in the year beside the domain in Excel.

Dropped domains

Our next step is to go to  which is free so set up an account and login.Now copy and paste from the Domain column of  the excel file we have open and paste it into the blank are on Mozcheck.

So for the example I am going to use ones of the domains and not all of them to show you how its done. So I am choosing to pick which in Mozcheck has 34 and 39 which have been rounded up. This then qualifies as its over 20.

mozcheckSo we then go over to another free tool called majestic SEO , create your free account and login. Now we want to check to see that it has over 130 back-links and also that it has over 20 referring domains. This just means that it has a decent ratio of link per domains that are linking to it. Say if you had 55,785 back-links and only 20 referring domains its is spammy and no use to us.

So were now in majestic SEO and I see that it has got 1789 back-links from 207 referring domains which is cool and rather more than I expected so big thumbs up.

ScreenHunter_71 Aug. 10 17.36


So this is it , we have completed a successful search and found a domain that qualifies all criteria and that will add value to our website.This is a 10 year old Page rank 3 domain so you will not get it for $10 so do expect a little competition .A general rule of thumb is that for a good pr3 domain you will pay anything from $50-150 for a pr4 $100-200 and for a pr5 $200-400 and for a pr6 $300 upwards.

Dropped domains

So go to godaddy auctions and place your bid. If you want to be part of the godaddy auctions its $4.99 a year a small price to pay for getting a top domain.So type in the domain that you are looking to buy and a new window will pop up to show you where you can bid and you will also see if there has been any activity on the auction. You then place your bid like you would do so on Ebay and hope for the best. Its worth noting that the above the prices that you should expect to pay and once you place a bid its as good as your if you win as you have signed a contract with godaddy.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to pick up a good name and please feel free to share it or like it on Facebook,

many thanks Dave Ball


Get Worldwide exposure to your Website or advert


Get traffic to your websites product or service and be seen by millions

Are you like many others when it comes to getting traffic, its hit an miss unless your paying for it. My newest offer is simple, you create an advert for your business and I will place it on 3500 Classified websites. You will get your website , product or service in from of millions. Free Classified ads

There are a couple of options

Option 1 Submit your advert to over 3500 Classified websites : €99

Option 2 Submit your advert to over 3500 Classified websites, also email my list of 52,000 interested in making money :€149

Option 3 Submit your advert to over 3500 Classified websites , also email my list of 100,000 interested in making money :€199

Upon completion you will receive a full report and screenshot, so what are you waiting for.

I only take 6 spots a month so email me on or you can send direct payment to my paypal account using this email address

Many thanks I look forward to doing business with you,

Dave Ball 0860807302 3-30-classified-ad-submission-service_12052

offline resurrection review

Offline Resurrection by Joe Justin. offline resurrection review

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Offline Resurrection Full Product Review!


READ THIS FIRST before buying Offline Resurrection!
Offline Resurrection, the upcoming and highly anticipated internet marketing product by Joe Justin + Joe Finn launches May 29th 2014.
Offline Resurrection is going to cost you around less than $50 for the front end price with additional up sells.
This Offline Resurrection course will teach you how to offer this skills to local businesses to earn monthly residual income.
It is primarily a tutorial on how to rank your videos on top of Google and this technique is so easy to follow.

Joe Justin himself has a client that is ranking for 20 different keyword phrases that are on top of Google.
That is why Offline Resurrection is a must-have course if you want to have a successful video marketing business

What Offline Resurrection Will Do For You:

• Clients Call YOU — No Cold Calling
• Close The Callers Easily — You Don’t Have To Do Any Selling
• Clients pay you before you do any work — No out of pocket expenses
• Vacuum Up All The Leads — Your Client Gets All The Calls!
• Beat The Competition Every Time — Never Worry About Them Ever Again
• Replace Their Video With Yours Every Time — They’ll Be Gone From Page 1
• Rank Multiple Videos On Page 1 — You’ll Own All The Important Positions
• Rank One Video For Multiple Keywords — No Struggle To Rank For The Important Keywords

Learn about client retention here:
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Offline Resurrection Review
Do Not Buy Offline Resurrection
Offline Resurrection

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Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing

We are offering you a FREE video for you company. That means no money will part hands. Free means Free. It will be a two minute info commercial that will suit your company’s needs and you are free to do with whatever you like. The video is on the last page.


Power of Video Marketing

Google is constantly making various changes to their algorithm. What worked a few months ago no longer works.

If you have a website, you probably heard about their algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda and a lot more. Like other savvy business people, it is nearly an obligation to follow the trends and rules of Google. If not, your website will not be visible online. Along with following these trends it is an expensive route and continues to spiral upwards year on year.

To answer this major concern, video marketing is an excellent way of promotion and in comparison is a very cost effective way of ranking your websites products or services.

What is video marketing and how it can help you?

To give you some hints, simply take the succeeding paragraphs as a guide.

Video marketing is a new form of product advertising that can be highly effective when properly used. This advertising method is becoming more and more popular because it creates a huge and receptive audience.

For your reference, here are the different benefits of using video marketing:


  • Videos created for local marketing – It’s so much easier to rank a video onto page one of Google in comparison to trying to rank a website. Easier equals cheaper for the client, so no more huge SEO bills making it cheaper for your customer as well. Having a video on page one of Google means customers are more likely to click on your video than a website and you can show what you have on offer to entice them even more.
  • Makes Your Website More Unique and Effective– If you are using video marketing, you are further ahead of your competitors.  You can do the marketing in a fast and easy way. Videos can also help you stand out among the rest.
  • Adds a Great Factor to Your Web Advertising - Videos on Youtube or other sites easily catch the attention of the viewers. They are effective and stimulate viewers compared to text campaigns. These videos are also an easy way to express your marketing message in a memorable fashion.
  • Promotes Your Business Brands– Most people prefer to do business with reliable companies. With video marketing, you can easily inform your customers about your services and products. It is also easy for you to prove to them that you are different compared to your competitors.
  • Conveys Clear Details to Your Viewers– Explaining complex information can be tough. But, with the use of video marketing, you don’t have to worry as you can make videos that explain the information clearly.
  • Video testimonials are SEO-friendly– Most web user’s love watching videos, especially on Youtube. Even top search engines like Google love videos. Thus, every video helps your site to get a high traffic.


With the great benefits of video marketing, you don’t have to worry on how to rank your search page on Google. It is also easy for you to improve your local business ranking.

The power of video marketing should never be underestimated by owners of websites. This web marketing method allows them to make their website more visible online. As a result, they don’t need to spend a lot of money just to get their desired advertising results. This is the main reason why most people continue to use this method.

Are you worried about the changing algorithms of Google? Then, make a right move now! Start using video marketing and see how it works. With video marketing and Youtube, you are one step ahead of your online business success.

Now this is where we can help you. We are offering you a FREE video for you company. That means no money will part hands. Free means Free. It will be a two minute info commercial that will suit your company’s needs and you are free to do with whatever you like. The video is on the last page.

So you may ask why the Hell would I offer this FREE service? And I have been asked this scores of times by companies and my answer is always the same. Why would I ask for any monies if I can’t prove to you that I can deliver a professional service? I am an SEO expert for YouTube and Facebook and I have always felt that if you’re upfront with a customer and offer value, that customer will trust you and perhaps in the future become a client.

I have many happy clients from Ireland and the UK and I am only offering to do this for 10 companies IN THIS PARTICULAR SECTOR  as it’s impossible to rank any more on page one using similar keywords.

When I reach this figure I will close the gates once more and get back to serving my customers the level they expect.

So please ring me on 086 0807302 or email me at or Skype me on daveaball. I would love to hear your feedback and I will leave you with these facts about YouTube and the Power of video Marketing.


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Viral Marketing

Would you like a free video for your organisation or company just like the ones that are displayed here.

Just give me a ring on 0860807302 , all I need is about a 100 words and 6 or 7 images

These are free and no money will change hands, why am I doing this you may ask ?

I feel if I offer something of value to a potential customer, that customer may turn into a future client.

Its as simple as that, on my next post I will give you a guide as to how much power YouTube has


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Top Kindle Publishing Tips

 Top 3 Kindle Publishing Tips

How many products have you bought on Click bank or the warrior forum and not used, I know I have a hard-drive full of them. I used to put it down to procrastination thinking that the next product I would buy would be the one that would make a differance. That really never came, its about finding something that suits you and what I found is that Kindle publishing suits me in so much as it suits my lifestyle. There are so many insufferable products out there to make money online, the majority are re hashed bullshit and the rest are so complicated and takes so long to see results you will probably be broke in 3 months. There is the up sell, down sell and one time offer and when you finally get started you will realise that you need more software and more products to keep up to date. Thats is why I am sticking with Kindle publishing and its so rewarding when you start getting feedback and positive results. There are quite a few courses out there but do have a look at udemy before you waste your money on another from the Warrior forum. So I want to start with Tip 1 of Kindle publishing tips and I will make a further 2 posts to outline the remaining ones over the nexr little while.

Tip 1 of the Kindle Publishing Tips

Write non-fiction books: reason is there easy to write. So what type of non- fiction Kindle book should you publish: What are people suffering from, what are their problems and more importantly how can you help. Currently people are flocking to the Kindle store to help with their problems and self help is here to stay. The reason they are flocking there is that they can get information very quickly and very cheaply and read the reviews to see how good the books are. My first book is below and it took me a month to complete. The cover was from a gig in fiverr and I got my Mother to proof it.

Awaken Your Motivation And Live The Life You Truly Deserve 2014 

All in all I have made about $500 in the last 3 months from it. OK I hear you that’s not a lot of money and your right its not. But for those people who have earned more than that in a week online I take my hat off to you. But for the majority of us who are struggling to make a cent online from internet marketing programs, the only ones that seem to be making money are the ones selling the information. So the first thing you have to do is choose a niche and Tim Ferris from the 4 hour work-week says “Pick a niche and then go down a level”. In other words if its a book about weight loss go down a level. For example weight loss after childbirth. So go into Amazon and have a look in the kindle store under non-fiction and look at the categories on the left, here is the link. As you can see from the list of categories there are many to choose from. Go to each category and write down on a notepad the name of the category and go to books from 95-100, you will probably need to go on a few pages. Click on say book number 95 and look for the sales rank number like the image below.

Kindle Publishing

Kindle Publishing


Local Website Builder review and bonus

Local Website Builder

This is a great course brought to you by Matt Bush and its available to buy on the warrior forum as I am not an affiliate.

I received a review copy the other day and only got around to looking at the videos today. First impressions are brilliant, the course is intense and its for any level of expertise.

My initial introduction in to the internet marketing niche was in local websites using dreamweaver. To be honest it was an uphill battle as anything that had to be changed took quite some to accomplish. If only there was something like Local website builder back then it would have made my business a hell of a lot easier.Local Website Builder

Some may argue that who doesn’t have a website these days?

Short answer the majority of people that offer services like plumbers, electricians, window cleaners, painters and the list goes on. Just have a look at your closest town and look for business listings for that area online. I did a quick search in my own hometown. I was amazed at how many just had a mobile number and an email address.

So that’s good news if you are interested in buying this as the market is there for the pickings. Matt comes across as an authority in his field and its refreshing to see as a lot of the wsos I either buy or get review copies are just plain bullshit and rehashed bullshit. Matt talks very concisely and clearly and each video has to be watched as a part of the larger jigsaw. There is no room in here to skip anything.

I usually don’t recommend buying the up sells but I think in this case you would be crazy not to as it gives you information like

  • Adding in Google plus
  • Lead generation techniques
  • Networking tips
  • Outsourcing tips
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Email copy
  • Flyers for promos

Local Website Builder

The OTO is $27 and is worth every cent. Have a look on this link in the Warrior forum where you can buy it. Please also see how active the thread is and also how responsive Matt is and how working and dedicated he is.

I will be on the hunt for new prospect and I have no doubt that withs Matts advice and techniques that will not prove a problem.

Some of the features of Local website builder


  • Careful utilization of every inch of home page space
  • Strong calls to action
  • Highly visible phone number and address
  • Testimonials of the business
  • A Google map
  • Social media link

The local website builder theme itself


  • Easily modify core theme elements such as background, colors, width, font, etc.
  • Plugin content and upload pictures using word-presses easy WYSIWYG interface
  • Easily insert YouTube videos by URL
  • Insert social media icons by URL
  • Highly responsive mobile, i pad ready

The fact that over 70% of people looking for local services search firstly on there mobile phone should be enough to motivate you to take action and start making money in the new year. With a dozen clients you should never be out of work with some internet marketing SEO and graphic work from the group.

Best of look Matt and I look forward to seeing you succeed to great heights in the future and I will be keeping an eye out for your next wso.

To your success and have a very Merry Xmas

Dave Ball

Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 Special offer

Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 review

We all know that Facebook marketing is a very powerful way to get people to either buy out products or like our page. The problem is it can be very expensive to do so. This is where the Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 software comes in.

auto facebook marketer 2.0

Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0

Let me introduce Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 from Bertus Engelbrechts. There has been plenty of softwares introduced in the last few years and I have yet to see anything as strong or as reliable as Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0. Once you download it you will understand the power that has been unleashed into your power. This is a genius piece of software that will automate everything you want to market your products or affiliate offers on Facebook. So how does it work? OK so its software based and once you download it your more or less ready to start your Facebook marketing campaign. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DEMO VIDEO

Some of the features include


  • Searching for FB users interested in your niche
  • Contact these friends who are interested in your own products
  • Search for groups and add them automatically
  • Search for FB pages related to your niche
  • Post automatically to these groups
  • Send message to these people and post on their wall all automatically.

Auto Facebook Marketing 2.0 unleashed

This can all be done on auto pilot, you can leave your laptop running all night and add thousands of friends, groups or pages. Then post to these people with your affiliate links or links to your own offer and see the money come in. Facebook marketing used to be tedious work but this is no longer the case with Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0 Its now so easy and at the click of a button and whats best about this software is that it is simple to use and also user friendly. Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0 is here to stay and there is nothing like this out there. This can be set up on proxy servers to protect yourself and your identity. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FREE DEMO VIDEO

Some extra free bonuses


  1. Auto Facebook Marketer Quick start blueprint PDF
  2. Gain lifetime access to the Facebook Marketer membership
  3. Lifetime support and updates
  4. Can be used as a multi license
  5. How to get targeted Facebook fans PDF
  6. Facebook fans stampede
  7. Free Facebook word-press plugin
  8. 30 day money back gaurentee
Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0

Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0

This is a special offer price it is usually $67 and is reduced to $20 for a limited time only. I am not sure how long so please if you want to get this Facebook marketing software act now OR forever regret it. No more Facebook adverts costing you a small fortune. With Auto Facebook Marketer 2.0 you have it all at your finger tips and nothing to lose. With the 30 day money back gaurentee if you don’t think its for you, you can always get a refund. Auto Facebook marketing 2.0 is for internet marketers of any niche and I personally love it not only for its usability but also for it jam packed features, so have a look at the demo video and grab your self a coffee and relax put the feet up a the Auto Facebook marketing 2.0 video is 20 minutes long, so please do enjoy. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DEMO VIDEO AND THE BONUS To your success and best of luck with Auto Facebook marketer 2.0

Update on Auto Facebook Marketer

Hi Guys I am writing this a few days after this review which as you can see is very positive and has my affiliate link as well. I have had some problems with the software since I started playing around with it. Although it seemed to work great and the tutorials from Bertus are great quality the software has some initial glitches. When you try to scrape Facebook profiles, that function no longer works for some reason. I have been in touch with Bertus who has yet to get back to me. His download page is temporarily out of action also so please hold off buying this software until its sorted. I will of course update you below this paragraph. I understand from Bertus that it has sold in the thousands I honestly believe he was not expecting this response and his servers are stretched. In fairness to him , he gave me the 2 otos free of charge that would cost about $60 through auto Facebook marketer, so this was much appreciated. Just want it up and running at this stage. I will update as soon as I hear something, as always an honest review Dave Ball

Update on the Update

Hi all, Problem averted , the issue I had was that the software would not scrape Facebook Profiles, after talking with support it turns out that your Facebook account has to be set to Us language and mine was set to UK. Great to get it sorted but it should have really been specified in the download instructions. There are plenty of customers who are not living in the US so at least they will be informed. In fairness to Bertus he apologized  and answered his support in a timely manner. Thanks again , great software.